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Stage Lighting Rentals Illinois Wisconsin

Stage Lighting

LED Moving Head Beams

4 Color Moving Head Laser

Uplighting & Color Washes

LED Screen Rental Illinois Wisconsin

LED Screens

Indoor/Outdoor LED Display

Customizable Sizes

Pipe Drape Rental Illinois Wisconsin

Pipe & Drape

7-10ft Wide x 8ft Tall Sections

7-10ft Wide x 3ft Tap Sections

Black & Red Drapes

Trussing Rentals Stage Illinois Wisconsin


12" Global Truss

5ft, 10ft, 12ft

Star Shaped Walkthrough

18ft Tall Crank Ups

Ground Support Bases

DJ Equipment Rentals Illinois Wisconsin

DJ Equipment

Pioneer Nexus CDJ Rig

Technic 1200s

JBL Soundsystem

LED Curtain Backdrop Rental Illinois Wisconsin

LED Curtain

18ft Wide x 18ft Tall

LED Programmable Curtain Backdrops

Wedding Rentals Illinois Wisconsin

COLD Sparks

4 Cold Sparks Machines

Event Pro Staging Illinois Wisconsin


Stage from 36"-48"

Up to 76' Wide x 56' Deep

2 Sets of Stairs with Rails

Cheer Floor Rentals Illinois Wisconsin

CHEER Competitions

54' x 42' Spring Floor

Warm Up Flooring

Cheer Mats

Custom Backdrops

Pool Dome Rain Dome Illinois Wisconsin

Pool or Rain Dome

45' Long x 26' Wide x 7' Tall

Marley Dance Floor Rental Illinois Wisconsin

DANCE Competitions

54' x 50' Marley Floor

Warm Up Flooring

Custom Backdrops


Inflatable Tunnel


2 Available


360 Photo Booth

Silver with Multi-Color LED Lit Backdrop & Spinning Ring Light


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